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Vibhuti is a white or dull white powder that is often referred to as sacred ash. It carries great significance in the Yogic tradition and is an integral part of the culture of India. Commonly Vibhuti is applied to the third eye. It is especially beneficial to apply it prior to one’s yoga practice. One many also spinkle Vibhuti in their yoga space to support spiritual growth.


The application of Vibhuti to the third eye is a powerful tool for one’s personal growth and spirituality as it bestows divine blessings and increases positive energy. Vibhuti support's one’s astral body and regulates the 7 major chakras in the body, due to this benefit it directly affects the health of the physical body as well since the endocrine glands correlate closely with the 7 major chakras. Vibhuti is intended to remind us of the maya, the impermanence of life so to release our attachments to worldly desires and instead increase compassion, wisdom and universal love. 


Vibhuti is prepared and attuned to each individual and can be shipped anywhere in the world. 


Please note: Vibhuti is out of stock at this time.
$21 CAD (shipping included) 

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