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April Cantafio



For the last 24 years April Cantafio, mother, lover, and devotee, has steadily walked the path of a Yogic lifestyle. At a young age she felt the calling of the mother of yoga yet carried no conscious awareness of this thread of lifetimes and thus unknowingly walked into the depth of what appeared to be a completely new landscape. Led by such humble and wise guides, naturally, this practice of life unfolded before her eyes. From that point on it never left her sight for long and little did she know that it would forever change the way the world appeared through her eyes.
From the karma and shakti of past lifetimes April naturally invested herself into this practice and in return the quality of union embedded in the roots of yoga began to harmonize her past impressions, trauma laid grief and un-serving beliefs that had been situated under the surface. Every practice became a sanctuary in which she was offered a glimpse of new-found freedom and tools to navigate through what at times are the tumultuous waters of life. It was and is the greatest of gifts. 
Though April had no intentions of teaching this practice, and instead tried to pursue other creative outlets, eventually through the grace of Yoga, the subtle strands of Dharma shone more brightly and acceptance for what was meant to be grew stronger. Every day an unravelling of the coloured perceptions masking the truth of Self, every day an immersion of holding hands with Dharma. Always learning and re-learning to trust the eternal truth and its lead.
April unexpectedly began the path of teaching in 2004 in the form of mentorship with her original teachers Deb and Lacie Cosgrove, and somehow that led her to puruse other trainings both locally and internationally in various styles and schools of thought ranging from Ashtanga to Akhanda to Yin to Kundalini to Raja. This helped April form a new perspective with which to observe, witness, see.  The foundation that was laid in that time led her to sincerely study the wisdom held in Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Mantra, Meditation and the traditional philosophies that form the umbrella of Yoga while under the guidance of her beloved teacher, Yogi Baba Prem and the lineage of Mahavatar Baba-ji. In 2016 April was utterly humbled to receive the traditional title of Yogakovid.
April approaches both her practice and teaching with an innate intention to support the elevation of consciousness. With every practice emphasizing a balance of effort and ease, the embrace of self and collective compassion, and the importance of the foundational breath. The breath as a catalyst for the inner union, of body and mind and a gateway leading us towards the depth of Self and the understanding that we are all enough and we are all one. April appreciates and bows in gratitude to the facets of studentship that are shared together. 
May we all taste the nectar of freedom that is our truest nature. Tat Tvam Asi.

April Cantafio Sollid Mantra Yoga-1182.j
April Cantafio Sollid Mantra Yoga-1193.j
April Cantafio Sollid Mantra Yoga-1194.j

Unpretentious, consistent & authentic:
April channels a unique blend of deep yet accessible profundity both in her teachings of the physical practice of yoga as well as her guidance in the realm of mindfulness. The consistency with which she choreographs the physical sequences leaves no room for disappointment.  But it is the meta-narrative she weaves into her classes that touches me so deeply: the timber of her voice as she unpretentiously reminds me of the subtler contemplative-worthy dimensions of life. If April had a podcast, I’d listen everyday. I’ve been so blessed to have had April as a teacher for the past 4 years.

- AJA M.

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