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Watercolor Stain
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Watercolor Stain
Harmonize your life from the inside out with a recorded weekly class consisting of a  balanced yoga flow and healing sound vibration practice
Watercolor Stain

Flow & Mantra

Recorded 4-week series


Recorded: Receive one 60 min class
every week for 4 weeks!

First class live on July 5, 2024
Access to all recordings for 3 months
  • Explore a creative flow of effort and ease designed to harness the energy of the body to enhance health, immunity, and mood

  • Develop a sincere relationship with the breath to achieve a calm, happy mind

  • Learn and connect with a unique and special healing manta, the Hamsah Gayatri, to promote energetic balance and optimal health

(EMT also an option to

Let's come together!

For the last 24 years, April Cantafio, mother, lover and devotee, has steadily walked the path of a yogic lifestyle. Through Dharma's unfolding, she has become a steward of Yoga and aims to preserve Yoga's tradition and integrity. April's dedication to these timeless teachings and consciousness enables her to weave what is needed through each class and invites the practitioner to discover and enhance the balance and harmony within and without. With over 2700 training hours, April is gifted at offering accessible classes, arrives ready and willing to meet the seeker and supports each individual's awakening to the greater connection of wholeness in all.

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