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Embodied Sound Series

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Embodied Sanskrit


Through this immersion of sacred sound, learn to align harmoniously with your inner truth,unfold the vibrancy of well-being you are worthy of and reap support from the blueprint of the universe that permeates the Sanskrit language.

JANUARY 27+28, 2024

Embodied Mantra


Through this experiential immersion, attune to the subtlety of sound and discover how to effortlessly re-align with your inner truth, open to your deeper potential and access the pristine and illuminating universal consciousness encoded in mantra

FEBRUARY 24+25, 2024

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Part 1:
Embodied Sanskrit


Sanskrit is not only the language of yoga but also the language of light and serves as a bridge to unite humanity with divinity and pure awareness. In modern yoga, little is known of Sanskrit's mystical capacity and innate wisdom, yet one can learn to heal and align the body with grace and ease by cultivating intimacy with its sacred letters. Each sound itself is infinite in support and opens the hidden structures of the mind so you can effortlessly rise above the limitations of apara (unserving) beliefs and discover the true nature of your being as whole.

Do you desire to…

  • Re-inspire your practice

  • Re-inspire your teaching, if you are a yoga teacher

  • Rise above the misconceptions that Sanskrit is hard or dull!

  • Honour the yogic tradition more fully

  • Take the next step to transform the limitations of your mind

  • Enhance the potency of mantra chanting and understand why mantra carries the effects it does.


Join April for this rich and integrative immersion, an excellent foundation for ALL yoga practitioners and teachers alike.

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In the part 1 immersion, you will…

  • Apply Sanskrit sound vibrations in yogic practices and meditation

  • Learn to chant the Sanskrit alphabet with proper pronunciation and placement (using Roman alphabet characters)

  • Learn how to balance and harmonize the cakras using the Sanskrit alphabet

  • Explore the immensity of Sanskrit and the role it plays in the journey toward your highest Self

  • Unfold some of the secret symbologies of Sanskrit sound
  • Learn the modern science and benefits of Sanskrit
  • Connect to the metaphysical science and benefits of Sanskrit
  • Learn simple ways to introduce sacred sounds into your practice or classes if you are a teacher.

Dates: Saturday January 27 + Sunday January 28, 2024

Time: 9am-3:15pm MST each day (includes a 45 min lunch and a 10 min morning break)
(8am PST, 11am EST)

Where: Live online through Zoom

Early registration is recommended; limited spots are available to ensure integrity is held during the training. (The first Embodied Sound Series was full) This series will not be back until 2025.

What people are saying

"Highly highly recommend! Time with April will ignite a light and make the practice of mantra and the skill of Sanskrit truly multi-dimensional."

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Part 2:
Embodied Mantra


Mantras are highly tuned patterns of elevated consciousness designed to support all facets of life. They are practical in approach and powerful in results and realization. The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words: manas = mind, and trai = to free, and such, by cultivating a deeper foundation and relationship with mantra, the mind naturally expands. The heartfelt recitation of mantra de-conditions the mind and ease-fully washes away the veils of illusion. Mantra re-awakens inner joy, enriches your life and welcomes you back home to the wholeness of Self.

Do you desire to…

  • Re-inspire your practice (and teaching if you are a yoga teacher)

  • Learn to chant or to enhance the potency of your mantra chanting

  • Honour the yogic tradition more fully

  • Connect more deeply to the infinite support of the universe

  • Actively transform the limitations of your mind

  • Lead mantras with more integrity and energetic support


Join April for this rich and integrative immersion, an excellent foundation for ALL yoga practitioners and teachers.

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In the part 2 immersion, you will…

  • Enjoy yogic practices designed to strengthen your capacity to carry the energy of mantra

  • Review the Sanskrit alphabet, the building blocks of mantra

  • Explore the responsible use of sound and how to employ it in your practice and teaching

  • Understand the difference between Vedic chanting and singing (this will surprise you!)

  • Learn several Vedic mantras with proper pronunciation and Vedic intonations.

  • Explore Bija Mantras, what they are, how they are applied and how to use them appropriately

  • Learn to awaken Mantra Shakti and open to its importance as a practitioner and teacher of yoga

Dates: Saturday February 24th + Sunday February 25th, 2024

Time: 9am-3:15pm MST each day (includes a 45 min lunch and a 10 min morning break)
(8am PST, 11am EST)

Where: Live online through Zoom

Early registration is recommended; limited spots are available to ensure integrity is held during the training. (The first Embodied Sound Series was full) This series will not be back until 2025.

Payment Plans
Embodied Sound Series
(Full Series includes weekend 1 and 2)





What people are saying

“April channels a unique blend of deep yet accessible profundity both in her teachings of the physical practice of yoga as well as her guidance in the realm of mindfulness. The consistency with which she choreographs the physical sequences leaves no room for disappointment. But it is the meta-narrative she weaves into her classes that touches me so deeply: the timber of her voice as she unpretentiously reminds me of the subtler contemplative-worthy dimensions of life. If April had a podcast, I'd listen every day.” - Aja M.

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Meet your guide

April Cantafio, mother, lover and devotee, steadily walks the path of a yogic lifestyle. Through dharma's unfolding, she has become a steward of yoga and aims to preserve yoga's tradition and integrity. April approaches both her practice and teaching with an innate intention to support the elevation of consciousness while emphasizing the practice's foundational breath and subtle aspects that allow one to return home. 


Gifted at offering accessible classes, her dedication to these timeless teachings enables her to weave what is needed through each session. She invites practitioners to discover and enhance the balance and harmony within and without. 


April is a traditionally trained Yogacovid with over 2800+ in-class training hours, who, over the last 20+ years, has studied and been guided by way of mentorship. This path allowed her to surrender to the gifts of yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, mantra, and dharma's philosophical teachings. She is also an E-RYT 500, additionally certified in various yogic modalities such as but not limited to kundalini, yin, yoga nidra, and meditation. 


May we all taste the nectar of freedom that is our truest nature. Tat Tvam Asi.

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Embodied Sound Series 

  • 4 Yogic practices of varying lengths incorporating sacred sound designed to expand subtle body awareness. (2 practices per immersion) (Though these practices will include postures, they are not posture-focused and instead utilize posture as a means to awakening receptivity of subtle sound vibration and integration)  

  • In-depth traditional wisdom teachings of Sanskrit and Mantra philosophy, knowledge, foundation and methodology 

  • Cakra Sanskrit Meditation

  • Learn 4 Vedic Mantras with proper pronunciation and traditional intonations

  • Deepened understanding of Bija mantras

  • Q and A opportunities during the live lectures

  • Downloadable course slides and handouts

  • Access to recordings of the live sessions for 1 month

  • 22 hours of Continuing Education Units through Yoga Alliance for those attending live (11 hours each immersion for yoga teachers)

  • The Sanskrit Alphabet guided by call-and-response

  • Sanskrit Cakra meditation

  • 4 Vedic Mantras with correct intonations

  • Cakra Bija Meditation with correct pronunciation

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  • I am a yoga practitioner but not a yoga teacher. Will the Embodied Sound Series be accessible to me?
    Absolutely, this immersion is not exclusive to yoga teachers but rather an exploration for anyone who feels a calling, an interest, or is curious about yogic sound. Maybe you have felt a connection with sound or mantra before and are interested in expanding your awareness around mantra yoga and yogic sound. Please know you are welcome and that our time together will meet you where you are in practice and life. This is the inherent nature of yoga.
  • I am a yoga teacher. Will the Embodied Sound Series enhance the quality of my practice and teaching?
    Definitely! Yoga teacher trainings rarely spend time developing an understanding and awareness of the foundation and energetic differences in the primal sounds of Sanskrit. Most of our sound work has succumbed to the game of 'telephone' where nuance is lost, which degrades our pronunciation and confuses energetic direction. Relative to chanting, it is rare to see the original Vedic chanting intonations utilized in modern yoga. Again, 'telephone' has contributed to this modern yoga paradigm. There is much benefit in a deeper immersion in Sanskrit as the language of yoga and mantra as the original yoga. These pivotal yoga tools are keys to unified health and a harmonized mental plane.
  • Do I need to attend live?
    It is highly recommended to attend the entire session live (video on) for a richer and more complete experience. During our live sessions, there will be support for pronunciation, opportunities for questions, and contemplative discussion, which adds to the student's growth and collective experience. The intention of this online immersion is to emulate the circle of in person instruction while on zoom. However a recording will be made available for catch up and review.
  • Will the sessions be recorded?
    It is highly recommended to attend the entire session live; all Q and A will occur during the live sessions. However, the sessions will be recorded to for catch up, time zone differences and to support review and refinement for participants. Recordings will be available for one month.
  • Will I have access to April for questions?
    Absolutely, this is a live online immersion designed for group discussion, questions, and sharing and emulates the in-person experience from the comfort of your home! Please strive to attend live to reap the full benefit of the training.
  • I am a yoga teacher. Can I use this immersion for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance?
    Yes! This Series will account for 22 hours of Continuing Education Units through Yoga Alliance (11 hours for each immersion). If you attend live (video on) for all 22 hours, I would happily provide a CEU certificate if requested.
  • Is there a lunch break?
    There will be a 45 min lunch break at approximately 12:00pm MST. And a short 10 minute morning break.
  • Why is there one month between Embodied Sanskrit and Embodied Immersion?
    With years of teaching both practitioners and teachers, I've found that time offers invaluable integration that allows one to open to the teachings more profoundly. The one-month separation also provides the opportunity to practice the primal sound vibrations explored in Embodied Sanskrit. It is essential to me that the information, concepts and experiences land and thus, time and practice are the best ways to embody the teachings.
  • How can I receive the most benefit from this immersion?
    By attending live and arriving with an open mind, willingness and dedication to your learning. Once the immersion is complete, I encourage you to explore the sacred sounds and mantras independently to develop a relationship for enhanced Self-benefit. Yoga is a glorious path of unfolding truth; thus, the more you offer yourself to the teachings, the more you receive in return.

Frequently asked questions

What people are saying

April brings a depth to her study and practice that few seldom experience. Skilled not only with the asana-based yoga systems common today, she is also knowledgable in pranayama, Sanskrit (the language of yoga), mantra and meditation, as well as the deeper mystical traditions of India. April has not only demonstrated to be a practitioner of Yoga but has directly experienced some of the Shaktis of the mystical teachings. Given the range of her training, which has included Sanskrit and deeper levels of work with mantra, meditation and the devas, her experience and teaching have little parallel among Yoga teachers in the west today. I am honoured to acknowledge her tremendous work and study in the field of yoga.


Embodied Sound Series
(Full Series includes weekend 1 and 2)





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