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 Free Live Guided Meditation + Yogic Wisdom Talk

Elemental Alchemy

How to enliven the elements in your daily life, stay true to yourself and thrive in unpredictable times

Sunday, January 17th at 2:00 pm MST
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​​With the beginnings of a new year, an opportunity awaits to freshen your inner growth, attune to the layers of consciousness carried by the five elements, and revitalize your capacity and potential in life.

Join in and explore:

  • How intimately connected the entire spectrum of life is with the five elements and why this wisdom is valuable in our modern life to remain steady in the home of Self.

  • Why stabilizing your awareness of the five elements is crucial to your well-being to access your physical, energetic and mental balance. 

  • Guided meditation and visualization to awaken your resiliency in an ever-changing world.

  • How the earth and ether elements join together to create a compass that returns us to inner and outer peace 

Your Guide

For the last 20 years, April Cantafio, mother, lover and devotee, has steadily walked the path of a yogic lifestyle. Through Dharma's unfolding, she has become a steward of Yoga and aims to preserve Yoga's tradition and integrity. April's dedication to these timeless teachings and consciousness enables her to weave what is needed through each class and invites the practitioner to discover and enhance the balance and harmony within and without. With over 2500 training hours, April is gifted at offering accessible classes, arrives ready and willing to meet the seeker and supports each individual's awakening to the greater connection of wholeness in all.

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