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Elemental Wisdom: 

Illuminate your inner world through the practice of holistic yoga and elemental awareness so you can learn to live a life of vibrant wellbeing, embodied presence and everlasting joy. 












Yoga and Ayurveda place great value on the five elements as a tool to navigate both our inner and outer landscape. These five elements are potent and pivotal in our inner transformation; they awaken our realization that we have an innate capacity to know the depth of inner peace. Like a mandala, the five elements guide us back home to the Self so we can remember that we are enough, we are complete, and everything we've been seeking, we are already that!

Keep reading if you are...
  • Ready to unravel the turbulence of the mind that shows up in the form of overwhelm, anxiety, dullness, uncertainty and move forward in life with clarity and ease

  • Seeking to illuminate your perception so you can rise above self-limiting beliefs, understand their elemental influence and choose a new path to your truth

  • Willing and ready to accelerate the benefit of your holistic practice using the wisdom held in the intimate tapestry of yoga to empower your life and step into your purpose

  • Fascinated by the teachings of yogic wisdom, how they propel your transformation and are ready for more!

  • A yoga teacher looking to expand your practice and life while developing new tools to support your students so they can empower their lives and access the most incredible peace of mind!

If this is you, you're in the right place!
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Hi, I’m April, 

When I was young, yoga swept me up like a mother would a child, and without my conscious awareness, it unravelled a path of freedom. 


Having dealt with trauma laid grief at a very young age, the arrival of yoga in my life immediately became a guide to healing.


Yoga’s depth of presence showed me how to rise above my un-serving beliefs of insecurity, inadequacy, loneliness and the emotions of pain and suffering from the abrupt loss of guardians and loved ones.  


The practice of yoga became a refuge, and even at times when it felt like I was slipping under the surface, the thread of yoga lifted me back up from depression, loss, anxiety, and worry. 


This is my deep and intentional motivation in preserving and sharing the ancient wisdom of yoga – with yoga's wisdom, I have the tools to navigate what at times are the tumultuous waters of life and so do you!


Like a mandala, the five elements guide us back home to the Self so we can remember that we are enough, we are complete, and everything we've been seeking, we are already that!


Are you ready to dive into the sanctuary of Self and discover YOUR capacity for inner peace? 


Elemental Wisdom: 


This six-week online immersion into the five elements is designed to enhance your vision of what's possible. Through practice, philosophy, and teachings, intimately hold hands with each of the five elements and learn to wholeheartedly integrate their guidance into your sadhana (practice) and life to discover the balance, ease and joy you’ve been waiting for!

There is never a better time than now! Tether into the wisdom of each of the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth) using ancient yogic techniques and teachings to untether yourself from the bondage of the phenomenal world and access the freedom of your highest Self. What are you waiting for?

In this course, you will…
  • Explore the relationship between each of the five elements and their vital importance in your health, wellbeing, and consciousness.

  • Awaken to the element’s presence in the outer world and learn to apply their intelligence in your inner world to guide peace to all aspects of your life.

  • Learn why you are an extension of elemental consciousness and how the elements reveal themselves through your physical and subtle body.

  • Illuminate the essence of each element using tried, tested and timeless yogic techniques that will build your toolbox and bring you back 'home’ even when the waves of life are tumultuous.

  • Learn to understand your mind and the mechanisms behind your thoughts from an elemental perspective so you can free yourself from self-limiting patterns and beliefs.

  • Gain awareness of the elemental manifestation in your mind to promote balance and mental equanimity. 

  • Receive simple, potent and effective practice and lifestyle tips to harmonize your inner world, relationships and entire life!

  • Inhale a breath of fresh air, open to your ultimate potential, realize your infinite connection with the universe and remember the truth of you! 

This course is an immersion of the Self,
through the Self, to the Self!

I’ve been a student of April’s in both public yoga classes and in Prana Yoga Studio’s 300-hour yoga teacher training. It’s not often I meet a teacher whose every class seems to share another facet of the turning inward that the ancient practice of yoga offers, whose own experience and journey unwaveringly guide the delicate, clear authenticity of the teaching as it comes through. April is relatable, knowledgeable, compassionate, has delved deeply and arrives fully immersed, ready to share and connect with everyone who comes into her classes. She holds space, encourages self-enquiry amongst her students and points for all who wish to look and find for themselves. One of my favourite, most heart-centred teachers.” 


- Krista D.V.

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*$130 USD

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*$234 USD


*subject to current exchange rate

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How it Works

Elemental Wisdom: A Journey Through Consciousness is a 6-week immersion that begins January 26, 2021. One module is released each week over a 6-week period, to complete and your own pace and consists of:

Embodiment Practice: Dive into the essence of each element through holistic practice that weaves together posture (asana), breathwork (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), sound (mantra), seals (mudra) and philosophical theming to facilitate energetic shifts in your body, mind and spirit. 

Elemental Connection: Re-establish your connection to each element through mantra, contemplation, and visualization.

Wisdom Talk: Here, we expand on the timeless teachings of yoga and the wisdom of the five elements in an accessible way so you can learn to apply them in practice and life.

Self-inquiry Worksheet: Inquiry and journaling are a rich component within the practice of yoga. Through this process, you will be able to retain and integrate the teachings wholeheartedly and attune to the concepts that are most valuable to you at this time in your life. 

Why you'll love it!

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Elemental Attunement 

Begin to see the interaction of the elements in your whole life and utilize their intelligent yet straightforward structure anytime, anywhere, and anyplace to support a lifetime of balance and ease!

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Illuminate Your Mind

The cultivation of elemental awareness is a key that illuminates the mind. You will be able to see your relationship with the world through a clear lens and live a life abundant with meaning and connection.

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Nurture Your Relationships

With the para (serving) manifestation of the elements apparent, you can weave through the elements necessary in each moment to optimize how you communicate and interact with those around you, the result, a world of peace.

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Yogic Secrets 

Through the transmission of consciousness, the ancient yogis have received infinite knowledge and wisdom. Much of these potent teachings rest under the surface, and the more we tune into these valuable tools, the more light we bring to humanity's benefit. There is no better time than now to open the vault!

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Experiential Learning

Through visualizations, contemplation, inquiry, journalling, embodied practices, practical teachings and our Facebook community, you will approach the elements from various directions for a rich learning experience.

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Lifetime Access

With lifetime access, you can return anytime for review and digestion. It’s not just another workshop but rather an immersion into a way of being, in tune with your connection to consciousness.


I absolutely love April and her teaching style! She is uniquely genuine, sweet and welcoming in the yoga space that she creates. She strikes an incredible balance between strength, breath, reflection and inspiration. I admire her seemingly effortless ability to cater to beginners and advanced practitioners all within the same class. I always leave her classes feeling an almost indescribable concoction of relaxation, invigoration and clarity on and off the mat.


- Kendall V.


6 Learning Immersion Modules will lead you through embodiment practices, wisdom talks, and self-inquiry for both yogic practitioners and yoga teachers
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Module 1: 

Embodying Prithvī
  • Learn how you are intimately connected with the whole as we journey through the unfolding of consciousness

  • Gain ancient yogic tools that invite you to find peace in a world of impermanence 

  • Explore why the earth element is essential in our inner journey of consciousness

  • Discover earth’s highest mental manifestation and how to achieve a balanced, grounded and peaceful mind

Module 2: 

Adoring Āpas
  • Learn to recognize the play of the water element in your outer and inner life

  • Understand the movement of the emotions and how you can harness the water element to soften emotional turbulence

  • Discover your innate ability to become fluid, flexible and creative to free yourself from un-serving attachment and nurture the relationship with yourself and others

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Module 3: 

Rekindling Agni
  • Learn the value of the fire element for glowing health and energy

  • Discover yogic tools to rekindle the inner fire of your mind to strengthen your willpower, light up the mind, and transform your life 

  • Explore the illumination of Agni and awaken the illumination of yourself as unbound consciousness, completely free and whole

Module 4: 

Vital Vāyu
  • Uncover the intimate relationship behind the air element, the breath and unconditional love

  • Learn to access the pranic energy held within Vayu to re-energize both body and mind, to become swift in understanding and light in energy

  • Explore and integrate the two simple rules of Yoga and Ayurveda to tangibly balance the air element within your body and mind, and learn how these rules apply to each of the elements to support overall health, wellbeing and realization

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Module 5: 

Absolute  Ākāsha
  • Discover why the ether element is our home base, how it reflects our profound inner truth, and is our thread of connection to the greater whole

  • Explore how the ether element is pivotal in harmonious communication and how we can strengthen its most serving mental manifestation using yogic techniques

  • Learn how to bring the ether element into your life to become the witness to the outer world's movements and experiences while remaining connected to the truth of yourself

Live Q&A: 

  • Gather and send in your questions and have them answered in a live and interactive Q and A

Module 6: 

Elemental Harmony
  • Learn how to honour the elements in your personal space in simple, tangible ways to influence your mental harmony

  • Explore additional mantras and meditations that will support a lifetime of balance, wellbeing and realization

  • Inspire and seal your elemental wisdom to transform your practice and life!

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Plus These Bonus Gifts

Agni Meditation: 

Enjoy this additional video practice that will guide you through a special Agni meditation, a transformative practice that you can draw upon for years to come.

Wisdom teachings rarely taught in the west: 

Breath and the Elements

In this bonus lesson, learn how to diagnostically attune to which element is dominant in your body by using the positioning of breath. This is a powerful tool, yet unheard of in modern yoga.

Elemental Purification

This bonus lesson offers an ancient yet still relevant and straightforward way to purify the five elements as they show up in the body, breath and mind. Through purification, we unravel the un-serving thoughts and coloured impressions accumulated throughout life and return home where the mind is clear, relaxed and reflects your truth.

Mantra Shakti

For the lovers of mantra and sound healing! This bonus lesson will dive into the valuable teaching of mantra shakti, what it is, why it matters, and how it is the key to energizing mantra to receive the profound gifts of mantra.

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Elemental Wisdom 

  • 6 learning module immersions (one module sent per week to complete at your own pace)

  • 6 full-spectrum holistic yoga practices (sadhana) that incorporate: asana (postures), pranayama (breath), dhyana (meditation), mudras (hand gestures), mantra (sacred sound), themes and philosophy

  • In-depth wisdom teachings on each of the five elements

  • Specialty meditation of the five elements with additional closing lectures

  • 1 live Q and A to support your personal development in the course

  • A secure 24-7 online classroom (access your course immersion anytime, anywhere)

  • Downloadable course slides and inquiry worksheets with digital entry fields

  • Lifetime access to the Elemental Wisdom Course Immersion

  • Access to a private Elemental Wisdom Facebook group where you can connect, share and receive with a community of like-minded individuals

  • 16 Continuing Education Units through Yoga Alliance (for yoga teachers)


  • Bonus content rarely taught in the west: Elemental Purification, Breath and the Elements, Mantra Shakti,

  • Bonus Agni Meditation

Two Payments of

*$130 USD

OR One Payment of

*$234 USD


*subject to current exchange rate

What People Are Saying


April's presence and her ability to create and hold a sacred space allows you to experience the reality of where you are and transport you to the possibilities of what you are capable of becoming. Her depth of knowledge in all things yoga is amazing and I appreciate her willingness to share this great gift.


- Bruce G.

Meet your guide

April Cantafio, mother, lover and devotee, steadily walks the path of a yogic lifestyle. Through dharma's unfolding, she has become a steward of yoga and aims to preserve yoga's tradition and integrity. April approaches both her practice and teaching with an innate intention to support the elevation of consciousness while emphasizing the foundational breath and subtle aspects of the practice that allows one to return home. 


Gifted at offering accessible classes, her dedication to these timeless teachings enables her to weave what is needed through each session. She invites each practitioner to discover and enhance the balance and harmony within and without. 


April is a traditionally trained Yogacovid with over 2500+ in-class training hours, who, over the last 20 years, has studied and been guided by way of mentorship. This path allowed her to surrender to the gifts of yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, mantra, and dharma's philosophical teachings. She is also an E-RYT 500, additionally certified in various yogic modalities such as kundalini, yin, yoga nidra, and meditation. 


May we all taste the nectar of freedom that is our truest nature. Tat Tvam Asi.

Mantra Yoga Part 2 (High Res)-1015.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to yoga. Is this course immersion for me?

Though this course is for anyone willing to expand and grow in life and practice, it's recommended that one is familiar with basic yoga postures and able to adjust and modify one’s practice as needed. During the practices, modifications and contraindications will be offered. However, each practitioner will need to apply these based on their own body awareness.

Do I need to be a yoga teacher to take this training?

Definitely not! While this training is incredibly beneficial for yoga teachers, this information applies to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of holistic yoga and elemental influence in both personal practice and life. 

What style are the yoga practices?

You can expect a combination of Hatha, Flow and Kundalini with the addition of mantra, mudra, and meditation.

I'm a yoga teacher. Will this course immersion enhance the quality of my teaching and practice?

Definitely! In this course immersion, you will significantly expand your toolbox to support your practice and your student’s growth. You will learn ancient wisdom rarely taught in the west and enhance your ability to harness the energy of pure consciousness.

I’m a yoga teacher. Can I use this immersion for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance?

Absolutely. Upon completing all modules, you will receive a certificate that specifies your continuing education credits' total hours.

Will I have access to April for questions?

Yes, you will have live support from April. You can connect via the discussion in the course platform, there will be one live Q + A. Plus, you will have access to our private Elemental Wisdom Facebook group, where you can connect with April.

How long will I have access to the course immersion?

You have lifetime access. Return anytime you like. Plus, you will receive all future updates!

How can I receive the most benefit from this immersion?

For the most benefit, I encourage you to immerse yourself in each module as they are released over the six week period. It will also be highly valuable to create dedicated time in your week to experience the practices fully and consider the wisdom teachings in your daily life each week.


April brings a depth to her study and practice that few seldom experience. Skilled not only with the asana-based yoga systems common today, she is also knowledgeable in pranayama, Sanskrit (the language of yoga), mantra and meditation, as well as the deeper mystical traditions of India. Given the range of her training, which has included Sanskrit and deeper levels of work with mantra, meditation and the devas, her experience and teaching have little parallel among Yoga teachers in the west today. I am honoured to acknowledge her tremendous work and study in the field of yoga.


- Yogi Baba Prem TH.D Yogacharya, Veda Visharada

Two Payments of

*$130 USD

OR One Payment of

*$234 USD


*subject to current exchange rate

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